Resident Evil 2

Capcom reveals staggering new Resident Evil, Monster Hunter sales figures

The Resident Evil 2 Remake has overtaken Resident Evil 7, and Monster Hunter continues to grow.

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Capcom has updated the list of its Platinum Titles, giving us some incredible new sales numbers for two of its biggest franchises.

2019's Resident Evil 2 Remake has now sold 12.6 million units, with 700,000 of those coming in Q1 2023. Resident Evil 7 now sits behind it at 12.4 million units sold, which means that the remake of the second game is the highest-selling entry in the franchise at the time of writing.

On the Monster Hunter side of things, Monster Hunter World has now topped 19 million units, and its Iceborn expansion has sold over 10 million. Monster Hunter Rise is still a big seller, selling 13.2 million units.

In terms of slightly smaller sales figures, Resident Evil Village and Resident Evil 3 Remake are still going strong, selling 8.3 million and 7.6 million units apiece.

Resident Evil 2

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