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Capcom Pro Tour 2022 to see return to offline events after two years

The World Warrior qualification programme will finally be implemented this season as well.

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Capcom has announced that after two years of online-only competition, the Capcom Pro Tour for 2022 will in fact be returning to offline play. Revealed in a new blog post, it's noted that this season will see a combination of both online and offline events, and will also see the implementation of the World Warrior qualification scheme that was announced back in 2019.

World Warrior is a regional initiative that can be either online or offline and will see players earning points by competing in local events to move up a regional leaderboard. After a yet to be determined period, the highest ranking player on the leaderboard will earn a spot in the Capcom Cup itself.

As for the Capcom Cup, the 2022 season will include 19 online regional qualifiers across 19 territories, with winners qualifying for the actual Capcom Cup.

The Capcom Pro Tour on the other hand will be played offline and at existing fighting game majors. The winners of each day at these events will earn spots in the Capcom Cup as well.

We're expecting more details on the World Warrior, Capcom Cup, and Capcom Pro Tour at a later date, but Capcom has released a schedule for when events will take place (which you can find here), and also announced that in response to recent world events, Russian and Belarussian competitors are being excluded from the Capcom Pro Tour and any online tournament "until the current crisis has been resolved."

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