Capcom is looking to raise all of its employee salaries

And set a higher starting salary as of this coming fiscal year.

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While a lot of the narrative surrounding the games industry as of late has been about layoffs and game companies cutting their size and thinning their pipeline as part of cost-cutting measures, Capcom is actually serving as a bit of a light in the darkness.

The Japanese publisher is set to increase the salaries of all its employees by an average of 5% by the end of the coming fiscal year (i.e. before the end of March 2025), while also setting in motion the plans to increase the starting salary of its positions by around 28% by the end of the 2025 fiscal year (before March 2026). It's said that with the second salary increase in mind, existing employees will also be receiving a one-time additional payment.

This is actually not all too surprising to see from Capcom, as the publisher has had a major focus on human resources for some time now, even looking to increase the salaries of its employees from back in 2022. No doubt the success of many of its major releases are behind this commitment to the wonderful folks that develop and create their games.

Capcom is looking to raise all of its employee salaries

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