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Capcom has unveiled the dino-slaying, exosuit-wearing Exoprimal

It looks as crazy as it sounds.

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As part of tonight's State of Play broadcast, Capcom just unveiled an upcoming dinosaur-slaying, exosuit-wearing title called Exoprimal. The game seems to see various different kinds of exosuit-wearing heroes teaming up to hold back hordes of oncoming dinosaurs that are spawned in through what seems to be a portal that resembles a black hole.

Yes. It's a very strange sounding concept, but the action that was displayed in the trailer does make it look like a pretty exciting title, especially if you can team up with friends to chew through some giant lizards.

Either way, as the game was just announced, we are a little lacking on the finer details, but what we do know is that Exoprimal will be arriving on PS4 and PS5, and that it will be coming in 2023.


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