Monster Hunter Rise

Capcom celebrates Monster Hunter Rise's sales with a Commemorative Item Pack

The RPG has already managed to ship 5 million copies.

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After proudly declaring that Monster Hunter Rise had shipped more than 5 million copies this week, Capcom has released a free Commemorative Item Pack to thank series fans.

The pack, which contains several useful items, can be claimed from Senri the Mailman providing that your game is updated to the very latest version. No details have been released as of yet, however, as to when the pack will become unavailable. You can view its full contents below:

  • 30 Mega Potions,

  • 20 Well-done Steaks,

  • 10 Large Barrel Bombs,

  • 5 Mega Demondrugs

  • 5 Mega Armorskins

Monster Hunter Rise

Thanks, Nintendo Life.

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