Ultra Street Fighter IV

Capcom announces Ultra Street Fighter IV: Omega Mode

Free bonus mode coming later this year.

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It turns out Capcom wasn't done with Street Fighter IV after all, despite that's what they've said for years. Now they have announced Omega Mode for Ultra Street Fighter IV, which really shakes things up.

Capcom considers it more of a party mode (so no ranked games online) and has added a lot of new features to all characters without making sure it's as prefectly balanced as we expect Street Fighter to be. A few examples is that Guile now can do dive kicks similar to like Remy from Street Fighter III: Third Strike and Dhalsim kan draw opponents toward himself with his yoga powers.

Here's a new trailer that shows a lot of all the stuff that has been added with Omega Mode, and it truly is a lot. But the best thing is probably the price tag... it's free! Omega Mode will launch for Ultra Street Fighter IV later this year.


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