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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Capcom announces Monster Hunter XX: Double Cross for 3DS

It's a double double.

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Capcom and Nintendo have announced that they're working on a new Monster Hunter title for Nintendo 3DS. This one is called Monster Hunter XX: Double Cross and it's slated for release on March 18 in Japan. No specific release date for the west has been pointed out, however.

Monster Hunter XX: Double Cross was revealed at today's Monster Hunter Direct, which also showed some gameplay from the upcoming title. Understandably, Monster Hunter fans took to the internet to celebrate the announcement.

The game will feature two new hunter styles, which results in six total. There's also a new area to explore along with new main monsters, which can be seen in the image below. Is this something to sate the appetite of you Monster Hunter fans out there?

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate
Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

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