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In the Valley of Gods

Campo Santo says their Valve deal "made sense"

We talked with Chris Remo at Nordic Game.

In the Valley of Gods is from the same guys who created Firewatch - Campo Santo - and recently at Nordic Game we spoke with Campo Santo's Chris Remo not only about what fans can expect from the upcoming release, but also more specifically about their new deal with Valve and what that means.

"Well, essentially, Firewatch came out two years ago at this point. We'd [had] prototypes and different ideas for the next game and then the thing that we ended up really liking was In the Valley of Gods," he said. "So we got to a point where we were kind of thinking 'alright, well we can make this game on our own, the way that we did with Firewatch' (which we had the support of a really great partner - Panic, on Firewatch). We were thinking about the different ways we could make this game and Valve came along and said 'hey, we could work really well together, maybe think about it'."

"And we did spend a while thinking about it, what that would mean, and then eventually we just decided you know what, there are a lot of different ways we could make this game, but this is something that we wouldn't have seen coming, we weren't engineering this or planning for it, but it could potentially allow us to make this game in a way that takes a lot of the business pressures of, a lot of the day-to-day realities of the logistical complications of running a studio. That could get taken off our back, and what if we just had the ability to make the game at the best level we can possibly make it, and it just kind of made sense."

"We talked with a lot of people at Valve, we visited the studio a few times, and all of us on the Campo Santo team kind of came to the decision on our own, depending on our own needs and desires, and thought 'this could actually be something really cool', and honestly it was kind of simple as that."

He then goes on to explain that the deal simply means that the developers are now Valve employees now, and that they're still working on In the Valley of Gods, but for more on the game itself you can always check out the full interview below. Is this a game you have your eye on?

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