Overwatch 2

Campaign mode for Overwatch 2 has been scrapped due to lackluster sales

As for now the game is a PvP-only title.

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Last year, Blizzard finally released the first long-awaited missions for Overwatch 2's campaign mode, but apparently they weren't as popular as the developers had hoped. Sales have reportedly underperformed, and in a new article by Jason Schreier at Bloomberg, the industry analyst lays out the story of how the hero shooter is doing right now, and how Blizzard is trying to stir the pot for Overwatch 2 production.

Apparently, Schreier writes, each game team gets a share of the bonus for how well their respective game does at Blizzard. Last year, for example, the Diablo IV team got a nice bonus, and so did the World of Warcraft team. However, the team on Overwatch 2 got null, nada, zip, zero as a bonus. The title fought hard against headwinds in 2023, and as a consequence most of the team behind the campaign missions are said to have even received the kick in January. In connection with that, Blizzard should have dropped all plans to follow up the newly started campaign with some additional missions in the future.

Perhaps this new focus on PvP, combined with the news that no heroes will be locked behind battle passes anymore, will help turn the barely eight-year-old ship that is Overwatch? The title hasn't had it easy since the transition to Overwatch 2 barely a year and a half ago. Those who live will see, quite simply, but all single-player hungry players can stop holding their breath. As of now, Overwatch 2 is a PvP-only title.

Overwatch 2

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