The Callisto Protocol

Callisto Protocol developer lays off staff

It seems that the disappointing sales of the horror game finally caught up with its development studio.

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After the last expansion to Callisto Protocol was launched a while ago, it seems that the studio behind the game, Striking Distance, is now slowing down internally andlaying off some of its staff. Observant individuals have noticed how several talents from the studio have announced on LinkedIn that they have left the company. Exactly how many are involved is still unclear, but we already know that the game's sales did not match the highly inflated expectations, or its hefty development budget.

Krafton, the owner of Striking Distance, expected to sell at least five million games, but at the time of writing not even half of that target has been achieved. The fact that staff are now being forced to leave is therefore not entirely unexpected, albeit very sad, of course.

What did you think of Callisto Protocol, and have you tried the game's DLC?

The Callisto Protocol

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