Call of the Sea

Call of the Sea seems to be coming for PS5

Expect a formal announcement soon.

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One of the first games that was announced for Xbox Series S/X was Call of the Sea, an adventure game with challenging puzzles and a story about a woman looking for her disappeared husband. It was released in December for both PC and the Xbox consoles, and we really enjoyed it (check out our review).

But Call of the Sea was always a timed-exclusive game, so sooner or later, we assumed that it would be released for other formats, mainly PlayStation 5. And, it seems like this will be sooner. The official Twitter account for the game suddenly tweeted "Nothing but greatness awaits" late last night with a cut out piece from the PlayStation logo.

And that pretty much settles it. Expect a formal announcement soon, and we really think you should keep an eye out for this one if you enjoy classic adventure titles. We wouldn't be too surprised if we'll get to report plenty of cases such as this one during the upcoming months as there has been quite a lot of timed-exclusives recently. More fun for everyone!

Call of the Sea

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