Call of the Sea

Call of the Sea offers mysteries and puzzles in a stunning world

The spirit of adventure seems strong in this newly announced game from Raw Fury.

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One of the games that really stood out during today's Inside Xbox livestream was Call of the Sea, which is being developed by Raw Fury. According to the game's official homepage, we'll play as the protagonist Norah who missed her loved one on a mystical island during an expedition.

Norah travels there to figure out what has happened to her husband, and here we will be greeted with a lush, tropical environment that vaguely reminded us of Sea of Thieves, at least design-wise. There will be a lot of mysteries and puzzles to solve - and we are also promised a well-written story.

A brand new Xbox Series X trailer and a couple of screenshots can be found below. Let us know what you think.

Call of the Sea
Call of the Sea
Call of the Sea
Call of the Sea

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