Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

Butler & Diesel to play Kane & Lynch?

Hollywood stars courted over possible movie roles.

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Gerard Butler and Vin Diesel are in talks to take the lead roles in an upcoming film adaptation of Kane & Lynch.

Butler (300 and Law Abiding Citizen) has been approached about taking the role of Kane, while Diesel (Riddick) has received an offer to play Lynch in the movie that, if made, will be directed by F. Gary Gray.

The film, which has been written by Skip Woods (who also wrote the script for Hitman) and Kyle Ward, has been in the works for over five years now. Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx were the pair that Lionsgate (who originally secured the option to make the film) had in mind for the roles. The film rights are now owned by Nu Image/Millennium Films, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

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