Bus Simulator 21

Bus Simulator 21 announced, coming in 2021

It will stop on PC and current-gen consoles, with the possibility of a new route opening up to next-gen platforms.

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Developer Astragon has announced Bus Simulator 21, the next iteration of the Bus Simulator franchise, and it's heading to PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The successor to Bus Simulator 18 is planned to arrive in 2021, with the possibility of also launching on the upcoming next-gen consoles.

The developer promised to add "officially licensed and faithfully modelled buses by world-famous manufacturers such as Alexander Dennis" and other brands that will be revealed at later date. There will also be double-decker and electric buses for the first time in the franchise, and multiplayer is back too.

There are two maps to drive on, the reworked version of Seaside Valley from the last game (including its official map extension) and a brand-new city with a US-setting - the city of Angel Shores. It's not all about driving around though, as you can plan and manage your bus empire and micromanage everything (or let the AI do it).

Check out the teaser trailer above or some of the gorgeous screenshots below.

Bus Simulator 21
Bus Simulator 21Bus Simulator 21Bus Simulator 21
Bus Simulator 21Bus Simulator 21Bus Simulator 21Bus Simulator 21

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