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Dangerous Driving

Burnout-inspired Dangerous Driving launches in April

The co-founders of Criterion are finally ready to return to what made them famous in the first place...

Back when Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry left Criterion Games, the studio they had founded, back in 2014, it seemed fairly obvious that Electronic Arts had no plans to make new Burnout games anytime soon. That's probably why the two of them made it very clear that they hoped to make something very similar to the beloved franchise when they formed Three Fields Entertainment shortly after. We've gotten a small taste of this with games like Danger Zone and Danger Zone 2 over the last few years, but we were told that the real thing, a game called Dangerous Driving, was set to release by the end of 2018. Well, that didn't happen, but we won't have to wait much longer.

Three Fields Entertainment has given us a new trailer that puts the release date of April 9 on Dangerous Driving. The trailer definitely looks like what could be taken for Burnout 4 with its sense of speed and focus on vehicular destruction, but the studio has also included some interesting details in writing. Dangerous Driving will include many beloved modes from the Burnout franchise, including Boost Chain Races, Eliminator Mode, Pursuit Mode, Road Rage og Survival Mode and three other modes that mainly focus on blowing other cars to pieces. These can be played alone against AI or online across the thirty different courses. Just to sweeten the deal even further, we're also told that the digital versions of Dangerous Driving will only cost £24.99/$29.99 (£29.99/$39.99 for physical editions with Dangerous Zone 2 included) when it launches on the Epic Games Store (sorry, Steam), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in less than two months.

You can see just how much the game looks like Burnout in the trailer and images below. How do you think it looks and sounds?

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Dangerous Driving
Dangerous DrivingDangerous DrivingDangerous Driving
Dangerous DrivingDangerous DrivingDangerous DrivingDangerous Driving
Dangerous DrivingDangerous DrivingDangerous DrivingDangerous Driving