Burnout creators are working on a new driving game

Burnout director Alex Ward tweets about his studio's next project.

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There's a new driving game coming from some of the people who brought us the brilliant Burnout series.

Alex Ward, who used to head up Criterion but left to found indie studio Three Fields Entertainment, announced on Twitter that the studio has begun work on a driving game.

Three Fields Entertainment has released one game so far, the obviously Burnout-inspired Dangerous Golf. Meanwhile, the Burnout series has been dormant since 2008's Burnout: Paradise.

Criterion tried to cater to the Burnout fans with the games Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and Need for Speed: Most Wanted. The studio hasn't headed development of any games since then shedding much of the staff and the extreme racing game teased in 2015 has been cancelled.

Burnout creators are working on a new driving game

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