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Burglar steals $40,000 USD worth of gear from Valve

The criminal broke into their Lincoln Square office, before selling some of the games at Game Stop later on.

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According to a report from Washington news outlet KIRO 7, a criminal recently broke into Valve's office in Lincoln Square, stealing $40,000 USD worth of games and equipment.

32-year-old Shawn Shaputis had previously been in hot water for causing a car chase with a FedEx truck, but this time charges of burglary have been filed, as of last month. At the time of the charges being filed, there were six warrants for his arrest, with Shaputis first being arrested on June 29 last year, again for burglary.

Police have also provided a video of Shaputis selling the stolen games at a Game Stop store, and another warrant will be issued if he doesn't appear today, since he's been arraigned.

Is this the weirdest game-related robbery you've heard?

Burglar steals ,000 USD worth of gear from Valve

Thanks, PC Gamer.

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