Bungie's unannounced "franchise" seems to have a focus on "competitive gaming/esports"

A job posting for the project gave us a small insight into what might be coming.

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A recent job posting for an unannounced "franchise" coming from Bungie has shown a small glimpse into what might be coming in the game. The job posting for Incubation Multiplayer Systems Designer has stated that the applicant will need a "strong familiarity with global gaming markets and the competitive gaming/esports landscape", meaning it does seem suggest that the Destiny-developer is looking into producing a competitive title, something it hasn't really focussed on since its days with Halo.

The posting does also say; "As a Multiplayer Systems Designer, you will work with a team to prototype different game ideas on the path to production. Most importantly, you will work with a fun, dedicated, and passionate cross-discipline team devoted to turning a creative dream into a new franchise at Bungie."

No word has been mentioned as to what the new franchise will be, but considering Bungie has created Halo and Destiny, two immensely popular sci-fi franchises, it will be interesting to see if it once again looks to create a game in this genre.

Bungie's unannounced "franchise" seems to have a focus on "competitive gaming/esports"

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