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Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

Bungie's latest ViDoc unveils more of The Witch Queen

And a first glimpse of Season 16.

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In less than two weeks, Destiny 2's next major expansion will release. Bungie has managed to maintain the hype high thanks to many trailers and more recently with the usual ViDoc on the DLC's development featuring new footage and information about The Witch Queen's campaign, the Void subclass rework, weapon crafting and more of the new content coming with the expansion.


The Witch Queen: the definitive campaign

One of the focus points of the ViDoc is the new campaign releasing with the expansion. According to Bungie, it will be longer and more engaging than what we've come across in previous DLC. This will be made possible through longer but also more complex story missions. Instead of the usual "go from A to B", the campaign will feature gameplay mechanics more akin to dungeons and raids.

For the first time, a difficulty setting will also be available at launch, offering a more advanced challenge but also better rewards. Bungie indicated that seasoned players should be able to complete the campaign in Legend mode at launch, accelerating level progression thanks to the more generous reward system.

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Light subclass rework: Void 3.0

2020's Beyond Light introduced a brand new subclass and element, Stasis. This darker power allowed players to customise their powers like never before in Destiny 2 through Aspects and Fragments, which alter how parts of the class (i.e. grenades and abilities) work. Though The Witch Queen won't feature a new subclass, Bungie is instead tackling the rework of Light subclasses, starting with Void.

The ViDoc offers a first glimpse of this rework and also the new abilities that will come with it such as a void equivalent of the Arc Soul for Warlocks or the possibility for Titans to throw their Sentinel shield at enemies as a regular melee ability. More Void Aspects and Fragments will be available at launch, using the similar customisation mechanic first installed with Stasis.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen
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Weapon Crafting

Finally, the third main point of the ViDoc deals with Weapon Crafting. Starting February 22, Guardians will be able to craft some weapons, starting with the new archetype, Glaives, which are part ranged, part melee. Weapon Crafting will use several new materials and resources to help you craft your dream firearm with the exact attributes and perks you want. For a more detailed look at how Crafting will work, you can read Bungie's latest blog post here.

Bungie also explained more about the new gear players will earn in The Witch Queen, totalling eight exotic weapons and around 40 new legendary guns. Six of the eight exotics have already been revealed in the latest Weapon and Gear trailer, with those being:

  • One Glaive per Guardian Class

  • A heavy machine gun similar to Cabal's Colossus

  • A grenade-launcher using Hive worms as ammo

  • A toxic submachine gun


And of course, there are two more yet to discover.

Along with those guns, each Class will have two new exotic armour pieces, one framed around Stasis and the other around Light. We also caught a glimpse of those:

Titan: A chest piece replacing Rally Barricade with a wall of Stasis ice
Warlocks: Gauntlets allowing for a second Stasis Coldsnap grenade and boots buffing Empowering Rift
Hunter: A helmet greatly increasing damage reflected with Arc Staff

Finally, Bungie also revealed the name of the 16th season of the game: Season of the Risen, which will launch alongside The Witch Queen. It will be a Cabal themed season, telling how Cabal and humans try to push back against the Lucent Brood's offensive on Sol.

Bungie seems extremely confident about their capacity to provide a very memorable year of Destiny 2, assuring that Year 5 will be the year "with more Destiny than ever before".

We will see if those promises are kept on the 22nd of February when Season 16 and The Witch Queen debuts.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen
Destiny 2: The Witch QueenDestiny 2: The Witch Queen

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