Bungie reveals plans to memorialise veterans in Destiny 2

But not if you plan to play on PC.

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If you're a long time Destiny player, Bungie is implementing ways that you can be recognised in the upcoming sequel. Whether you just completed one Moment of Triumph during the first year of Destiny, or whether you defeated The Taken King and completed all eight Moments of Triumph during Destiny's second year, or even whether you achieved a Grimoire score of over 5000; Bungie is going to recognise those accomplishments and let players continue their legacy through the use of special emblems. You can see what they look like on the official blog post.

"Whether you've been with us from the very beginning and failed to spend your Strange Coins on Gjallarhorn in week 2, rose up for the first time to throw shade at Oryx deep within his creepy loot-filled fortress, or took your first steps in the snow of Old Russia after hearing the howls of Lord Saladin's wolfpack, it has been our honor to host you in our world."

Interestingly, this option isn't available to PC players. So if you're an avid Destiny player on console planning on making the move to the so-called master race, you will lose your commendations from the first game.

Bungie has also listed a series of dates for activities players will need to complete for them to be counted in the Age of Triumph Record Book:

• Every Weekend: Trials of Osiris
• July 4, 2017: Iron Banner
• July 4, 2017: King's Fall Weekly Featured Raid
• July 11, 2017: Wrath of the Machine Weekly Featured Raid
• July 18, 2017: Crota's End Weekly Featured Raid
• July 18, 2017: Daybreak Month Begins
• July 25, 2017: Vault of Glass Weekly Featured Raid
• August 1, 2017: Age of Triumph Shirt Offer Expires!

While they won't be the last occurrences of those events, those are the dates they need to be completed by to feature in the book.

Bungie have also announced that in preparation for the launch of Destiny 2, the final Iron Banner event in the Crucible will be taking place on August 1, while the final Trials of Osiris event will happen on August 11. The Destiny server will also be going down for maintenance on Tuesday, June 27, starting at 2pm UTC and finishing at 11pm UTC.

There are a few other announcements in the form of a new mentor on the official forums, console exclusive content coming to other platforms, and information about the server queue.

Will you be picking Destiny 2 up on launch? Read Bungie's full blog post here and let us know in the comments.


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