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Bungie provides a bunch of details about Destiny 2's upcoming crossplay

We got a taste of the feature a few months ago when a crossplay beta occurred.

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In the latest This Week at Bungie blog post, the Destiny 2 developer provided us with plenty more details on how it will be approaching crossplay in the sci-fi shooter. Set to officially arrive in Season 15, which we expect to launch around August 24, crossplay will finally allow Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and Stadia players to join up and play together.

To mark this pretty massive feature landing in the game, Bungie has informed players that there will be a few changes to Destiny 2, including how our Guardians are named.

When crossplay goes live, players will have a Bungie Name, rather than an Xbox gamertag or a Steam ID. This name will be derived from a player's previous name, and will add a numeric ID to the end of it, to ensure that there are no issues with duplicated Guardians. This shouldn't really change a whole lot for most players, and will simply mean that it's easier to locate an account regardless of platforms.

Likewise, to ensure that it is easy to find new friends and invite them, a system called Bungie Friends will be added that will simply compile all of your friends list data into one easy to access account, once again making it simpler to locate players irrelevant of the platform they are playing on. The Bungie Friends system will also see every platform receive invitations through Destiny 2 now, when using the system, to eliminate the complications of, for example, receiving an invitation through Steam or PSN.

For finding new friends, Bungie Friends will also allow users to search for a player by whacking their new Bungie Name and ID into a search bar, to find the relevant account.

In terms of actually playing, in the Crucible, we're told that PC players will be matched with other PC players, and similarly console with console (this will include Stadia), unless any party has a combination of PC and console players, of which the party will fall under the PC player pool. For PvE events, there will be one global matchmaking pool, allowing all platforms to match with one another.

As this is just the first stage of crossplay, Bungie also took the time to mention that in the future, there will be more crossplay features, including cross-platform voice chat, text chat display on consoles, and social privacy systems, all of which will arrive at various points between early Season 15, and over Winter.

We're still not given an exact launch date for when crossplay will go live in Season 15, but are told to stay tuned.

In other Destiny 2 news, the final Iron Banner of Season 14 is set to go live next week, starting from August 3 at 18:00 BST / 19:00 CEST.

Destiny 2

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