Destiny 2

Bungie has given Destiny 2's infamous Telesto a hilarious Easter Egg

It pokes fun at the constant issues the gun seems to have.

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Anyone who plays or knows Destiny 2 well, will know that one of the most infamous Exotic weapons is Telesto, not because of how good it is in-game (although it is pretty darn good) but because of how the gun always has some form of bug or issue that causes Bungie to have to remove it from the live game.

Well, Telesto is currently back in Destiny 2, and with that being the case, Bungie has implemented a really daft and hilarious Easter Egg that constantly pokes fun at the weapon. Essentially, if you take out Telesto and visit a location, you'll discover that the gun's projectiles now travel really, really slowly, cause the weapon to smoke, and tend to float off into the sky. At least that is the case until your Guardian gives the weapon a good smack and eventually returns the gun to its original working order.

What a truly brilliant way to poke fun at one of Destiny 2's biggest troublemakers.

Destiny 2

Thanks, GamesRadar.

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