Bungie debunks the rumour of Activision being "prohibitive"

Bungie recently stated that Activision was never the "prohibitive overlord" that fans have been assuming the publisher to be.

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Not too long ago, Destiny developer and former Halo studio Bungie broke free from its publishing deal with Activision and the split had many fans speculating on the reason. Speculations have varied from blaming Activision pushing microtransactions to the publisher being too prohibitive in regards to what Bungie could do with its game to keep it going forward.

In an interview with Eurogamer, however, Bungie has debunked this in a very clear way. The developer has previously stated that the split was simply because of differing ideas as for what the future of Destiny would hold. David 'DeeJ' Dague stated:

"I think we need to dispel the notion Activision was some prohibitive overlord that wasn't letting us do awesome things. We launched this franchise with Activision, naturally and over the course of time we both decided we had different goals for what we wanted it to be, so we both went our separate ways. It was amicable, and here we are making this game on our own, doing what we think we need to do to make it awesome".

He later stated the following, answering a question about the studios' loss of High Moon and Vicarious Visions:

"We're committed to doing all the things we're doing right now - Solstice of Heroes is ours, Moments of Triumph, Shadowkeep, Season of the Undying and three more seasons after that... There's really nothing more to say but we're on our own now and Destiny will be what we make of it".


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