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Bully easter egg discovered in GTA Online's Diamond Casino

This has fans speculating once again on a sequel, with Polygon fanning the flames with a suspicious URL.

Fans of Rockstar's game Bully have been waiting since 2006 for a sequel, and despite rumours galore emerging in the 13 years since, we're still waiting without any sign of a return to the series. But what about this new image discovered in Grand Theft Auto Online's Diamond Casino?

Grand Theft Auto V

This was shared by Reddit user Mindless_Climate, and is reminiscent of the fist, snake, rat, and skull crest of Bully, with Canis Canem Edit underneath.

Fans then got even more excited when the URL of Polygon's article here implied that it was an embargoed announcement that got leaked, but Polygon has since changed it and apologised:

"Our original joke URL for this post has been changed. Sorry if that got your hopes up."

As for the image itself, it's likely this is just an easter egg rather than an actual tease of something coming up, especially since Bully seems pretty dead as a series right now. Never say never though, as we may well see the series come back at some point.

Would you like another Bully?

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