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Bulletstorm Remaster images surface on E3 USB stick

The images were given out during the Xbox conference.

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It looks like Xbox has a few more surprises for us, even after the E3 showcase yesterday. On a mini Xbox One-shaped USB stick given out to press conference attendees (including GR), there were images for over 200 [email protected] titles, and amongst these were a mysterious folder named 'Bulletstorm Remaster'... lo and behold, in the folder were a collection of screenshots from Bulletstorm, complete with what looks like updated textures and visuals.

This is pretty concrete evidence that Bulletstorm will, at some point, be getting a remaster for Xbox One, which is something we don't mind at all - the game was tons of over-the-top fun when it first released, and it'll be even better to see it remastered. Keep an eye out on Gamereactor for any news of an inevitable Bulletstorm HD version announcement.


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