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Bullet Train has been delayed to August

The Brad Pitt action movie will not be arriving in July anymore.

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The upcoming chaotic action flick Bullet Train will no longer be making its July arrival time anymore, as it has been revealed that the movie has been delayed until August. While a delay often leaves us with a sour taste in our mouth, this one shouldn't be too hard to swallow, as the delay is only pushing the film back a single week.

That's right, the Brad Pitt-headlined movie will be dropping its July 29 release date in favour of an August 5 one. As for why this decision has been made, Deadline has reported that Sony is using the move to position Bullet Train as the "last big event film of the summer" by shifting it to August.

If you haven't seen the trailer for Bullet Train yet, be sure to catch it below.

Bullet Train has been delayed to August

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