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Lego The Incredibles

Building the blocks of Lego The Incredibles

We sat down with TT Games' Nick Parks to talk about the latest big cinematic IP to get the Lego treatment.

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After several speculative leaks we now know for certain that we'll be officially getting Lego The Incredibles from developer TT Games, and we actually spoke with Nick Parks from the studio about the project, and why now was the right time to dip into Pixar's franchise (which is getting its second instalment this year) and turn it into Lego form.

What do you see in The Incredibles that made it a good fit for TT's Lego series?

For us, what we always try and do when we start working with a new partner is try to think about what it is that's unique about that property and how do we distil that into Lego gameplay. For The Incredibles, it's such a perfect fit because all our games are aimed at young gamers and their families working together, and of course, that's exactly what The Incredibles is all about. The Incredibles is the Parr family who have all the trials and tribulations of a normal happy family - they just coincidentally happen to be superheroes as well. So we really wanted to drill down into that vibe of family teaming up together, because it just fits so well with our co-op gameplay. So you've got things like Dash and Violet obviously famously combining her psyonic sphere and Dash's amazing speed to able to run across water. And we've thought of different ways we can combine family members together and scattered that throughout the game so there's this idea of coming together and working together to fight crime; to stand as a team is really woven into the fabric of the whole game. And not just two family members, sometimes three, sometimes four family members all coming and connecting using their unique skills to survive together to overcome adversaries and [the] challenges we put in front of them.

Lego The Incredibles

What can you tell us about the story and its relation to the movies?

Lego Incredibles is coming out day and date with the new Incredibles movie, The Incredibles 2 from Disney Pixar. It's coming out this summer. It's fantastic, it's absolutely amazing, it's blown everyone's socks away here and it really has exceeded everyone's expectations. So it's been a real challenge for us to step up and make sure the game's as good as that. So the new film begins where the old one left off and that's really where we fit in. So you've got all the characters, all the locations from both films, all reimagined in Lego form as you'd expect from us. And on top of that, we have a huge open world hub environment which is crammed full of crime-fighting opportunities for you and your family to take on. So the cities and some of the locations from both films are both kinda of mashed into one. So you have new day/night cycles which is new for Lego games, so under cover of darkness more crimes can happen [...] You collect heroes which you unlock, you can fight crime together, as well as experience and then replay in Freeplay both Incredibles movies all in one game.

With Marvel and DC there are so many characters to choose from, but what's it like working with a more limited range?

It's been an immense privilege to be working with Pixar and when we went over there we were absolutely astounded by the amount of detail that they put into all of their films and all their characters. So - I don't know if you can remember in the first film - there is a whole suite of superheroes, or supers as they're called, that are barely even touched on. There are all the characters at Bob and Helen's wedding. There's all of the other supers which the omnidroids tried out and defeated before they eventually get to Mr Incredible. Each and every one of these heroes, there's dozens and dozens of heroes, have already been thoroughly fleshed out by Pixar, with the same kind of detail as Gazorbeam of Frozone or any of the other characters. They all have appearances, they all have sketches, they have mannerisms, characteristics, strengths and weakness. And so we went "great, we'll take all that!" And so there was a really good vibe because the designers at Pixar just loved the fact that their original creations from 14-15 years ago are now seeing new light, and we love the idea of creating all these amazing new heroes and bringing them to life. And that's just from the first film. Obviously [there's] all the characters and supers and villains from the new film. I'm afraid I can't tell you much but rest assured there's a massive variety and it leads to a really crammed-full character grid with loads of different cool characters and abilities.

Lego The Incredibles
Lego The IncrediblesLego The Incredibles
Lego The Incredibles