Building Relationships

Building Relationships is probably not what you think it is

Unless you were actually thinking literally that is.

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There are probably only a handful of games that are going to surprise you this year as much as the one that was just revealed at Day of the Devs. Coming from developer Tan Ant Games, Building Relationships asks the question of what would happen if a building wanted to form a relationship with another building. Yep, really.

This title is about as literal as it can get. The idea is that you take on the role of a house who heads out into the big wide world to meet other buildings, romance them, and just generally vibe along the way.

The game is said to have originated from a game jam back in 2015, and has now been fleshed out to the point that there's an entire island location to explore with a multitude of biomes, secrets to find, movement abilities to unlock, various types of buildings to meet and converse with and date, and additional activities like fishing too.

Founder of Tan Ant Games, Tanat Boozayaangool, says that "Building Relationships is a weird, yet charming game. It's hilarious at moments, while oddly contemplative at others. It's daring, it's queer, but also very stupid."

You can see the reveal trailer for Building Relationships below ahead of its eventual (and unspecified) release on PC.

Building RelationshipsBuilding Relationships

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