BTS New Game

BTS' new game has a teaser trailer

Netmarble Corp. has just revealed the partnership with Big Hit Entertainment, delivering another project based on the band.

Netmarble Corp. has revealed another partnership with Big Hit Entertainment to produce a mobile game involving the musical group BTS, and we even get a first look at the game via a teaser trailer you can see below.

This trailer shows off concept art involving members of BTS, and follows on from the mobile game BTS World in June. Information is scarce on this new project, but we're promised more in the future.

"We are also preparing a new game project with Netmarble utilizing BTS' storytelling IP. Set in a new genre, this new work will provide another encounter with the BTS Universe rendered through lush, emotion-filled art," said Bang Si-Hyuk, CEO of Big Hit Entertainment.

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BTS New Game

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