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Mafia III

Brutal killings and "fresh setting" to star in Mafia III

Design director tells us about 1960s New Bordeaux.

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The release of Mafia III is only a few months away. The third instalment in the Mafia franchise drops us in the 1960s in a city called New Bordeaux. Based on New Orleans, it offers the player a huge American city to explore, with a variety of districts offering different sides to the city.

We caught up with design director Matthias Worch from Hangar 13 at E3 2016. Worch spoke about the new city and where they got their influence from to design the game. Here's full video interview and some selected excerpts.


"It's the original Mafia town in America, that's where the Mafioso arrived. It has this really rich Mafia history. It's a really fresh setting, a really big American city, but one that we've not seen a lot", Worch tells us.

The game follows protagonist Lincoln, who an orphan who grew up with the Black Mafia and has just come back from working spec ops in the Vietnam war, and is now back to a life of crime. This story follows his journey of revenge against the Italian Mafia and his work with other professional criminals.

The city and time period has allowed the production team to give the game some great music. Worch said: "Our soundtrack is awesome. We have over 100 (1960s) licensed tracks. It's also the jazz capital of the world so you see jazz music a lot. And there is also this really dirty blues that we use for a lot of the in-game music which is really unique. It all makes it sound like a game you haven't played before."

The brutal killings and finishing moves have raised some eyebrows. Worch explained: "This time and place very much represents the way crime and Mafia in America changed in the '60s. It turned from very romanticised Italian mob, men of honour all white collar crime that no one was acknowledging. Then fresh blood was coming in, the fight spilling out into the street."

Mafia III is out on October 7 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Mafia III

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