Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers director teases announcement at Game Awards

Is Josef Fares ready to reveal what his next game is?

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Josef Fares went from being a successful movie director in Sweden to directing games (while remaining invested in film making) with Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. After looking for a game studio to develop the game for many years, Fares finally wound up co-operating with Starbreeze Studios over the award-winning narrative-driven adventure.

In an interview with Gamereactor earlier this year, Fares suggested he would start his own studio for his next project, and between the lines you could perhaps hear some hints that work was already under way (see the interview below).

A couple of hours ago, Fares tweeted: "Make sure to watch The Game Awards on friday ;) http://thegameawards.com". Now if that ain't a teaser, nothing is.

Fares isn't a fan of sequels so if the tease has to do with his next project we suspect it is something brand new... also a sequel to Brothers would be kind of weird given its end. We'll likely find out what it is Friday.


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