Dragon Ball FighterZ

Broly gets a new Dragon Ball FighterZ trailer

We've known about his inclusion in the game for a while, but now we've got another trailer showcasing his power.

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It was at the beginning of the year that Broly was revealed as a character coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ for Season 2, but we still haven't got our hands on him, although we do have a brand new trailer showing him off.

We're told Broly has "godlike power", and he'll be the final character in Fighter Pass 2. We have no idea when he'll arrive, but considering the description in the trailer says he's "ready to slam the competition", it may well be soon.

You can see all of his moves bathed in neon green below, as well as the initial announcement for Fighter Pass 2.

Have you been waiting for Broly to arrive?

Dragon Ball FighterZDragon Ball FighterZ

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