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British online retailer cancels 1000+ consoles for scalpers

To combat the increasingly common scalpers, Very is taking a stand.

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We recently reported that both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X is being furiously bought by so called scalpers, who sell the consoles at a higher price to gamers who just want some 4K fun for Christmas. Of course, this isn't illegal, although it bears a striking resemblance to the black market for sports tickets.

One of the worst offenders is the group CrepChiefNotify who claims they have purchased almost 5000 PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles, but, the UK retailer Very has had enough. As Sky News can report, over 1000 consoles that in large part were bought by this group have now been cancelled.

They will of course be refunded, but this gives gamers who actually want to buy the consoles to... you know... play on them, have a fair chance to get one. Very tries to limit purchases to one per customer, but unfortunately there are often workarounds.

British online retailer cancels 1000+ consoles for scalpers

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