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Bright Memory

Bright Memory's TGS gameplay and video preview are here

We got to play FYQD Personal Studio's shooter, and try the weapons and abilities out for ourselves.

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In our daily updates from the Tokyo Game Show, we highlighted FYQD Personal Studio's Bright Memory as a game that caught our eye, and in the video preview below Andreas goes into more detail about what he saw on the game, and what exactly stood out during the experience.


For more on the title make sure to check out the Steam page, but we also have a gameplay video below showcasing the first-person shooter and the brutal combat within, utilising special abilities alongside the firearms available.

As for the narrative around this project - made by a single developer - this is as follows:

"2020, SRO discovered a material in an ancient sword which could recall dead creatures during an investigation of cultural relics crime. The third-party military organizations (SAI) infiltrated into SRO's research institute and tried to grab the material.They changed the coordinates of the transmitter to the edge of Arctic where they found a land of sky that a large number of ancient creatures exist. SRO must stop SAI 's conspiracy and find out the truth."

Do you like what you see?

Bright MemoryBright MemoryBright Memory

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