Bright Memory: Infinite
Featured: E3 2021 Coverage

Bright Memory: Infinite gets new action-packed screenshots

Release is planned for this year.

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It seems like Bright Memory: Infinite might not be too far off as the developer FYQD now writes on Twitter that "all gameplay have been developed, we will enter the stage of dubbing and music". They also confirm that Bright Memory: Infinite will be shown with a new trailer at the GameSpot event Play For All during E3.

You will of course be able to check the trailer out here at Gamereactor, and we also got three new screenshots of things to come, which seems to promise a lot of high-adrenaline action. It's worth pointing out that Bright Memory: Infinite is a separate game from the mediocre Bright Memory that launched last year, which was developed by one single person.

Bright Memory: Infinite launches a some point during 2021 for PC and Xbox Series S/X. Here's the three new images.

Bright Memory: Infinite
Bright Memory: Infinite
Bright Memory: Infinite

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