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Brie Larson to be part of the Fast 10 family

Also known as MCU's Captain Marvel, Larson will be a "timeless and amazing" part of the franchise's mythology.

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Brie Larson, aka the MCU's Captain Marvel, has declared herself an absolute Fast & Furious fan in the past. "Please, please tell everybody I would of course want to be in a Fast & Furious movie" she said a few weeks ago during an interview with Uproxx, and it looks like she's raised her voice enough, because she'll be part of the Fast 10 family.

Vin Diesel, who plays Dominic Toretto, confirmed on Instagram that Larson will have a pretty interesting role in the penultimate film in the franchise. In a photo featuring both of them, he shared the following message:

"Clearly there is love and laughter in this image. What you don't see however, is the character you will be introduced to in Fast10. You have no idea how timeless and amazing she will be in our mythology. Beyond her beauty, her intellect... her Oscar, haha is this profound soul who will add something you might not have expected but yearned for. Welcome to the FAMILY Brie."

Another "super" joining the cast. Jason Momoa (Aquaman) confirmed he's Fast 10's "flamboyant bad boy" a month ago. Now we have Brie Larson in the cast as well, although it is currently unknown what her role will be in this entry. There's plenty of time to find it out, because Fast 10 is expected to release in May 2023.

Brie Larson to be part of the Fast 10 family

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