Brian Cox goes after the Bible

"It's a mythology," said the Succession actor.

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Brian Cox is in his late seventies, and so it seems he's fully at the age where he's willing to tear down anything that annoys him ever so slightly. The Succession star and man who told us all about the lore of Tekken 8 has recently taken aim at the Bible of all things.

Speaking on The Starting Line Podcast, Cox opened up about a variety of topics, including God, Trump, cannabis, and plenty more. When it came to religion and the Bible, he didn't hold anything back, saying the following:

"The propaganda goes right the way back ... it starts with the idea that ... out of Adam's rib, this woman was created, and they'll believe it cause they're stupid ... They need it, but they don't need to be told lies, they need some kind of truth, and that is not the truth ... It's a mythology."

We're not quite sure who the mysterious "they" Cox refers to it, but we can pick out a few guesses. After blasting Joaquin Phoenix recently, it seems no one and nothing is safe from Cox's verbal assaults.

Brian Cox goes after the Bible

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