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Brendan Greene investing in PUBG's "esports infrastructure"

Esports is a big priority for the creator right now.

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is in a good place at the moment, recently making the shift to mobile and also making steps into esports with a few competitions here and there, and now the game's creator Brendan Greene has spoken extensively about the game in an interview, including about the esports scene, where he thinks that building a good base game is the only way for esport to grow.

"We've said this before you know we want to build this game as a service," he said. "We want to build this as a platform for game modes, for not only battle royale but for other game modes that we ever put in the Event servers or that the community come up with via Custom games. We want to bring our Custom games to even more people this year and really start to polish off that system. So for us it's about creating a platform, and creating a kind of stable base for a possible esport or just as a platform for many different types of game modes."

Greene was also asked where he saw the game going in the future, to which he said:

"Right now this year we're really heavily investing into setting up an esports infrastructure, we're building an esports team globally now, between the US and Europe and Asia, and really trying to develop out the tools we need to support esport organisations and players in order to give a good foundation. So, that's where I want to see it in three years, I want to see it as a considered esport with events taking place in big stadiums and sort of year long leagues, that's what my dream for battle royale has been, that's where I want to see us go, and looking at what we're doing this year I really see that as a great chance."

Bugs were also discussed, and when he was asked whether losing the bugs would mean losing some of the magic and the charm, Greene replied:

"I'm sure it would lose a bit but, the players would love us for it. Really we want this to be a great esport, and it can't have bugs for an esport. Now, that said there are not that many game-breaking bugs, you know like you see with the tournaments, there's very few people dying from bugs. And I can tell you internally there was a competition in Korea a few weeks ago that led to a change in our competitive settings because of a certain issue that happened, but the team were very quick to go "okay we can fix this, let's fix it". So I like that the team are very reactionary to stuff like this so that, if we see something, we try and stay up long hours trying to fix it so it doesn't happen again."

It's no secret that Battle Royale games haven't quite found their feet in esports yet, but it seems Greene's game has done a better job than any others, having competitions already like at the Intel Extreme Masters events in Oakland and Katowice, as well as other events like the PUBG Invitational in Gamescom. These all must have been successful enough to have given Greene hope in terms of PUBG's competitive future, so it remains to be seen how the team will move forwards in this space.

What do you think PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds needs to do to ensure that it remains among the top esports games?

PUBG: Battlegrounds

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