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Breaking: Xbox's Phil Spencer to keynote next week's Gamelab

PS5 architect Mark Cerny will also return to the now-digital event to talk with Ken Levine. All panels will be offered live for free.

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The period of time that would have been E3 has just passed and publishers are scattering their gaming announcements throughout the summer, but with the two next-gen hardware manufacturers playing Pong with their respective console and game reveals, something many people didn't expect was that the most recognisable faces behind both Xbox Series X and PS5 would appear at the same summer event, and as soon as next week.

Now, as Gamereactor can confirm as the event's official media partner, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer will keynote Gamelab Live 2020. With a TBD talk, the Xbox chief will share his thoughts with attendees on Wednesday at 5pm BST, with the event to be held digitally across June 23, 24, and 25. As per usual with the prestigious conference, other triple-A speakers will follow, including names such as Cyberpunk's Mike Pondsmith, Double Fine's Tim Schafer, and Uncharted's Amy Hennig, among many others. What's more, the event organisers have just revealed that PS5 architect (and Gamelab advisor) Mark Cerny will also join the party, this time together with none other than BioShock creator Ken Levine.

"Our keynote with Microsoft's Phil Spencer will be such a special moment," Gamelab director Iván Fernández-Lobo told Gamereactor. "Especially in this year where we're living the dawn of the new generation of consoles", he added before jokingly saying, "I think it's important that Phil has changed, in a way, the E3 stage for Gamelab's [virtual] stage!"

And the best part is that this year every fan, gamer or interested individual can watch the conference live and for free. Gamelab has been held in Barcelona for the past nine years, but this time, due to the COVID-19 crisis, the organisation will livestream the panels at no cost for anyone who registers for free (with other paid-options available for professionals).

Microsoft has reportedly got a dedicated Xbox Series X event planned for July, and both MS and Sony are expected to share more about their respective consoles in August, but this will for sure be an interesting and surprising stop on the way.

Breaking: Xbox's Phil Spencer to keynote next week's Gamelab
Phil Spencer talking to Gamereactor in 2016.

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