Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

Brazilian team Eligasul Stars is the PES League WF 2019 winner

2017 single-player World Champion Guifera guided the three-man squad to victory against surprise team Wani, coming from Indonesia.

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Two well-travelled three-man teams ended up deciding the PES League Co-op Championships at Arsenal FC's Emirates Stadium in London, with the win coming on the first day of the event after the knockout and group stages.

Much as Indonesian team Wani had become the surprise package of the championship, their energy and talent weren't enough against the competitiveness shown by the brasileiros from Eligasul Stars, which had former single-player world champion Guifera as their captain.

Here's how they felt right after lifting the trophy:


The Indonesian dream was in trouble in a matter of seconds after the initial whistle, when the Brazilians (playing as Nantes FC) scored the first with a quick attack. The second and final goal came shortly after (20 minutes in), after a nice headed combination. And from then on, the team in yellow dominated. The Indonesian team, who played as Arsenal FC, just didn't know how to deal with the threat of their opponents.

It was all about American and Asian teams as, surprisingly enough, neither last year's Italian-Spanish world champions Broken Silence (Ettorito97, Luca Tubelli, and Alex Alguacil), nor the recent French champions were able to represent Europe beyond the group stages.

Today, the single player champion, the best PES 2019 player in the world, will be crowned in London. It'll be interesting to see who of the previous world champions (if any) reclaims the crown, considering the strong rivalry between Ettorito (Italy), Guifera (Brazil), and Usmakabyle (France).

Gamereactor is in London to interview the players, serve up the latest news live, and finally discover more about the PES 2020 demo.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

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