Brazil are the 2023 FIFAe Nations Cup champs

For a second year running.

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It's not just in real football that Brazil are titans of the sport, as the nation is also a dominant force in the FIFA esports world. As part of the Gamers8 festival in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, a victor has been named for the 2023 FIFAe Nations Cup, and the glory for this year has gone to the same country as it did in 2022: Brazil.

Brazil managed to hold off the efforts of the Netherlands in the grand final, beating the European roster 3-2 overall. As for the rest of the tournament, Brazil proved to be a tough team to beat, as before the final, during the knockout stage, Brazil only conceded one goal, and defeated Denmark, Finland, and France on its path to face the Netherlands.

This result has seen Brazil heading home with $300,000 in prize money, although a few of its members are still competing at the mega event as part of the FIFAe World Cup.


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