Brawlhalla's sixth esports calendar year to feature a $1 million prize pool

An overlook for the 2021 season has also been revealed.

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Brawlhalla has announced its overall plans for the 2021 esports calendar year, and it is set to feature a $1 million prize pool. Set to feature a bunch of tournaments, this year will be more "pro-focussed," and will work with Smash.gg to ensure a better registering and competing experience for competitors.

Set for February and March, the Winter Championship will take place. April and May will see the Spring Championship. June will bring the Pro Series. July will see the Summer Championship. September and October are bringing along the Autumn Championship. Finally, November sees the Brawlhalla World Championship 2021.

As for the details for these events, more will likely be revealed soon.


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