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Brawlhalla World Championships heading to DreamHack Atlanta

We'll see the best of the best compete next month, but before that we have the Great Brawl to settle.

Ubisoft has revealed more details on the 2019 World Championship for Blue Mammoth's Brawlhalla, as DreamHack Atlanta will be hosting the event between November 15 and 17 at the Georgia World Congress Center.

This will feature a double-elimination bracket and a $100,000 USD prize pool, seeing competitors battle it out together, with yesterday marking the start of the online qualifier known as The Great Brawl.

This gives European players the chance to earn Power Ranking points, and Paris Games Week will host the Great Brawl finals on November 1. The winner here will compete at the World Championship, and for more details head on over to this link.

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