Brawlhalla Halloween event is playable now

Everyone loves a good Halloween event and Blue Mammoth Games has recently announced that Brawlhalloween is live now through October 30.

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We're nearing the time where the people across the world dresses up as their favourite spooky being, puts on their favourite scary movie and plays that extra bone-chilling game while watching the screen through their shaking fingers - we're, of course, talking about Halloween. This spooky season has developers up their game with special Halloween events as well and one of the games getting a Halloween event this year is Brawlhalla.

The event is live right now and will be through October 30, so you'll have plenty of time to enjoy the Halloween-themed items, new main menu and the daily gold bonuses it has to offer. Those wanting to play with their friends on different platforms can now do so as well because PlayStation 4 was just added to the crossplay integration.

Interested in what you will find cosmetics-wise during Brawlhalloween? Well, get ready to purchase new, haunting colours for all legends (3,000 Gold/20 Mammoth coins each), a graveyard shift 2019 podium (240 Mammoth coins), a Pumpkin Pyre animated avatar (60 Mammoth coins), a RIP avatar (6,000 Gold), a Jac-KO-Lantern KO effect (200 Mammoth coins) and an whole lot of legend skins all coming with two weapon skins (140 Mammoth coins each).

The skins this year are the following:

New for 2019: Dusk Till Dawn skin
New for 2019: Petra Reanimated skin
Horseman Lucien skin
Skel-asuri skin
Werebat Ragnir skin
Immortal Caspian skin
Punkin Spice Yumiko skin
Demonkin Diana skin
The Monster Gnash skin
Bewitching Scarlet skin, available for 200 Mammoth coins (comes with two weapon skins and an animated hat!)


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