Monster Hunter Riders

Brand-new Monster Hunter Riders announced by Capcom

It'll follow Stories' art style and premise, but this time it won't hit consoles first.

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Monster Hunter Riders is the title of a brand new entry in Capcom's incredibly popular creature-slashing series. It will not, however, follow the now mainline "World" branch, nor the original numbered iterations, as it's instead presented as a follow-up to 2017's Monster Hunter Stories (despite its lukewarm performance in the market around launch).

Just as with the Nintendo 3DS exclusive, MH Riders takes a colourful, anime-style approach when it comes to the graphics, with the Rider characters being way more prominent than your usually anonymous Hunters. It also clearly highlights the riding feature introduced by Stories, putting it at the core of the experience.

With the lack of detail available so far, little is known about the day-to-day gameplay, but the video underlines the game's RPG spirit and some combat sequences. Contrary to the previous games, Monster Hunter Riders won't release on consoles nor handhelds first; so far it has only been announced for Android and iOS devices in Japan.

Would you like to see this ported to the Nintendo Switch perhaps? Leave a comment below.

Monster Hunter Riders

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