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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Bozzzton wins Copenhagen Games Hearthstone tournament

He faced tough competition throughout.

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This past weekend saw the Copenhagen Games take place in Denmark, where many different tournaments were held for a variety of esports titles, one of which was Blizzard's Hearthstone, where Elias "Bozzzton" Sibelius took home the trophy.

Bozzzton plays for Crowns Esports Club and started his tournament against Danish player Spartacus, going on to face Wita and NikLaus, the latter of which defeated Bozzzton and sent him to the lower bracket. Fellow Crowns player Peter "Deathboose" Laihinen got to the lower bracket before Bozzzton, however, so the two teammates had to face each other later on in the competition, with Bozzzton winning the match 3-1 to advance. Bozzzton then progressed to the final where he faced NikLaus again, getting an early lead and then winning the final 4-1 in a best of seven match.

Bozzzton himself provided a statement to the Crowns Esports Club website. "Winning this tournament for me meant a lot. I've [invested] so much effort into the games the last year and always been close and felt I played well, but the breakthrough in [a] tournament [hasn't come] until now. This was a big confidence boost and I'm super happy with this win, my preparation and plays paid off. But now I look forward, this is a good achievement but far from my goals. Will work even harder and already hyped [for] DH Austin coming up soon!"

Did you expect Bozzzton to take home the trophy?

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
Photo: Crowns Esports Club

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