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Bound devs on how the game will take advantage of PS4 Pro

It's all about the edges of geometry.

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The upgraded PlayStation 4 Pro is soon upon us, and that means potential customers of the hardware want to know what kind of benefits the system comes with. The answer is that there is no universal answer; every developer can use the power how they see fit.

Now Plastic, the developer of the indie ballet platformer Bound, has taken to Reddit to detail how their game takes advantage of that juice.

"On PS4 Pro we are rendering edges of geometry in 4K native with multisampling antialiasing and the inner parts of polygons are upscaled from 1080P. Since our game uses mostly geometry and does not rely on texturing too much, I think we got into sweet spot and now we have nicely looking 4K at 60 Hz," said Creative Director Michal Staniszewski.

They also managed to get the game running in native resolution on Playstation VR, which is nice. Have you played Bound?


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