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Bound by Flame

Bound by Flame: "Our take on the heroic fantasy genre"

We had a chat with associate producer Walid Miled about the upcoming RPG.

We caught up with associate producer Walid Miled to find out more about the upcoming fantasy RPG Bound by Flame from French outfit Spiders.

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"Bound by Flame is our take on the heroic fantasy genre," says Walid Miled. "We took everything we put into Mars [Mars: War Logs] and tried to make it better. Doing Mars was a blast, it's a project we're very, very proud of. And wanted to do something bigger, better for Bound by Flame..."

Miled stressed the importance of story in Bound by Flame: "We have many endings at the end of the game. We have many companions that you can choose through the game. And the relationship evolves with the companion. You can have romances with the companions. You can choose at the beginning of the game to be a man or a woman and then have all your relationships with the other companions and your followers in the game."

Note: Since the interview took place a PS4 version has also been confirmed.

Currently Bound by Flame is targeted for release early in 2014.

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