Botany Manor

Botany Manor takes us to gardening and puzzles on April 9

The title published by Balloon Studios' ID@Xbox is ready to sprout on PC, Xbox and Game Pass.

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During a closed ID@Xbox presentation we attended a few days ago, Balloon Studios gave us a sneak preview of what's in store with its upcoming cozy simulation title, Botany Manor. Creative director Laure De May presented a gameplay of this environmental simulation title with flora puzzles set in Victorian England. "Specifically in the Somerset region", to be precise.

Botany Manor

Botany Manor takes us on a calm and relaxing gardening research experience in which we must complete quests to create new plants and turn our garden into a pleasant orchard. Gathering different clues for each plant/task, we will have to collect clues, such as the type of seed, the size of pot, the type of tool needed (such as a microscope), as well as a press to extract juices and other nutrients. But all from a relaxed gameplay that only asks you to observe and follow your intuition.

As a curiosity, De May highlighted as his main inspiration to create Botany Manor the environment of the gardens of Croft Manor in Tomb Raider, where he said that when he played that section of the games she "wanted to stay there for hours". We'll soon be able to see if Botany Manor is our new safe haven to unwind from our day-to-day lives, as the title arrives on PC, Xbox and Game Pass on 9 April.

Botany ManorBotany Manor
Botany ManorBotany ManorBotany Manor
Botany ManorBotany Manor

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