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Boston Uprising recruits Toronto Esports as Contenders team

They've partnered together for the upcoming competition.

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While some Overwatch League teams have opted to create their own development rosters for the Contenders league, like London Spitfire with British Hurricane, Boston Uprising has gone a slightly different route, as esports organisation Toronto Esports has announced that they have signed a partnership with Uprising to represent them in the development league.

"Last season's Overwatch Contenders qualifiers represented a great achievement for our organisation," President Ryan Pallett added. "We are thrilled that this opportunity arose to once again prove that we are one of the strongest Overwatch organisations. I am also grateful that Kraft Group Overwatch has recognised our record in developing great Overwatch Talent. They have proven to be one of the leading organisations in coaching and player development, so we are thrilled that together we will continue to develop the next wave of great Overwatch League players. Our roster is almost complete, and we will make an announcement shortly."

Do you think that this is a good idea for both teams?

Photo: Toronto Esports

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